Date: 19/03/2019
“The 6cm thick wooden table was cracked after a strong impact”, Nguyen Ngoc Quang, General Director of SaigonMarble showed us the long cracks on his desk while saying. Composite or artificial stone tables are extremely durable and against any impact, absolutely water-proof, resistant to all chemicals, that’s why I stick by this material for almost 20 years “. Followed him to visit products of kitchen cabinets, bathtubs, lavabor and bathroom equipment in Saigonmarble’s showroom locates in Sala urban area (District 2), we heard him talk about his journey, interesting memories with an industry that has made him be more passionate in.


About  20 years ago, perhaps not many Vietnamese people know about composite, how did you find this material?

“Composits are widely used in the construction of warships, yachts, airplanes, and trains. In the past, the application of composite and artificial stone to furniture was only popular in the US, Europe and other developed countries. In Vietnam, Saigonmarble was the first enterprise to bring this material into the kitchen and bathroom.

“It was a fate for me to know composite from the cousin living in the US when he returned to Vietnam to work. He saw a potential of this material in the furniture industry and advised me. He was also the one who brought the engineering team from the US to Vietnam to meet me for transferring the technology to develop products from this material. At that time, I was just a poor man, get used to getting wage from work. Fortunately, I have grasped that opportunity and chose to trade in furniture made of composite and artificial marble (marble) as a career to pursue”.


Why did you believe that composite furniture will grow well in Vietnam?

“Firstly, composite furniture satisfies the quality requirement with high durability through absolute water-proof ability, not being harmed by termites, limiting fire and being friendly with the environment, high color fastness. Composite has the same hardness as metal so it can adapt well to the climate in Vietnam in general and the four harsh seasons in the North in particular.

We are always comfortable with a product warranty period up to five years, in fact, customers rarely complain about our product during a warranty period.

The second is the ability to easily bend this type of material, enable designers to create many shapes of product, size and suitability for limited living space in area.

Third, the composite surface can be as shiny as glass or smooth as matte paint. If customers like wood grain, we can create a direct pattern by color spraying technology on mold or heat a wood grain laminate sheet on surface.


Saigonmarble’s first stage of development might have many advantages, because you was one and only in the composite furniture market?

“On the contrary, I have experienced the first stage of “difficulty and pressure”, it was so difficult that I wanted to quit my job, especially in the period of economic crisis, the business development team was dissolved. I had to face with financial difficulty, workers, factory…I used the last money to make very beautiful composite lavabor, but the market denied it, because people knew about porcelain, ceramic materials, but composite.


 Then how did you convince the market and sell product not only in domestic but also in outbound market, especially are US and Canada?

“To be honest, although I wished to convince the market, but I lacked of experiences in marketing, strategy, brand development…The chance came to me when an oversea Vietnamese gave me a very rough drawing about the nails table and asked me to produce. Our nail bath product was completed after one month, it made our customers extremely satisfied. After that, I have received many orders in large quantities. So far, Saigonmarble brand has been quite well known in the Vietnamese community in the US and Canada, outbound market contributes 70% of the company’s revenue.


America is also an attractive market for Chinese nails products. Are you afraid of Chinese competition?

In my business, I hardly ever cared about my competitors but trying to make my products to be best. Although the price is high, customers are still satisfied because of products’s high aesthetic art and quality. Our customers in foreign countries also understand that buying Chinese goods are cheaper but warranty will be a problem for later. In domestic market, most of customers who bought our products became our friends. They have also become our most effective marketing channel in 20 years.


It can be seen that composite products are quite “eye-catching”, but its price seems high to people who have middle-income…

It is always said that “Price affirms quality”, considering a durable quality of the product, we pay a right price for a best quality. Moreover, a composite kitchen cabinet or lavabor cabinet with many twists cannot be made by machines but skilled workers. Therefore, our customers those who know well about furniture will have a right investment in right products that are most beautiful and best for their homes.


It seems you are quite optimistic about a development of your products in the market of composite furniture?

Yes, I always believe that composite is the material of the future. In my opinion, there are not any materials that meet strict requirements of the environment except composite. I’m even more excited because this material is friendly with the environment. I am so happy to bring a value to our community. My career does not only create beautiful and durable products but also make valuable chains for employees because each of product (for ex. nails tub) means a great deal to creating jobs for Vietnamese Comunity living abroad.

On the other hand, I think that people who do business need a little romance and adventure, especially in the industry such as aesthetic design and interior furniture. In addition, indulge and persevere in pursuance your final destination in career.

Thank you for your sharing.

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