4 Different Spaces for bathroom

Date: 19/03/2019
Today, bathing is not only about body hygiene but also relaxation, enjoyment of life. The space of the bathroom and the accompanying equipment are also upgraded to a higher standard in style and comfort. The four bathroom design ideas introduced below are typical examples.

1. Relaxing in simple space:

With the principle of “simple beauty creating a value”, this bathroom space is becoming more prevalent, very suitable for young couples those who want to enjoy warm relaxation moments. The bathroom is equipped with Simply Modish collection – the sanitary equipment represents not only the global modern design but also personality style. Notably, applying”technology of ultra-smooth surface” on products of toilet and sink, help reducing accumulation of stain, prevent germs and bacteria.

2. Home luxury spa

Normal bathroom space is just a space for bath with basic functions, this luxurious bathroom space is aimed at creating a private relaxation home spa space as alike as high-class hotels. A highlight of the kind of this pace is the Pætchwork collection by Piero Lissoni – the famous Italian designer in the world – and the smart toilet seat from TUNIO RX. Pætchwork is the perfect combination of simplicity and delicate thinking, creating a unique and new masterpiece. TUNIO RX toilet is a sanitary equipment fully equipped with smart technology to enhance its features based on the idea of “digital life”. Its design is long, slender, sleek provides maximum comfort, smart toilet has ability to automaticly open and discharge by sensor and controlled by extremely convenient remote.

3. Small space, great fun.

This is a really small and private bathroom thanks to modern and youthful design inspired by wood and polished cement blocks. Although the area is modest, its space and utility are secured to meet all nesscessary functions very well. Impressive in this bathroom style is a One Piece MICC toilet with Dual Flush flush has water saving function. Two discharge modes are 3 liters or 4.5 liters of water, saving 12.5% compared to a normal discharges are 3 liters or 6 liters of water.

4. Suitable space for all ages

This bathroom space is an ideal choice and suitable for almost customers with different ages in family such as grandparents, parents and children.

Contributing to this style of bathroom space is the Cubic Basin faucet with its elegant and modern design, strong and prominent lines combine with perfect contours, easy-to-use features for all ages. Innovative faucets has a feature to control heavy metal such as zinc, lead, cadmium and copper to ensure maximum safety during its using period.

Besides, Mellow Dual Function washers designed according to the principle of “anthropology”, elderly people can use the product more easily just with a slight thrust thanks to the strong handle and large buttons. Dual-function washing with two spray modes creates gentle flow and strong, direct flow, easily changing the flow of water with mini handle. Similarly, Natura handrails are made of natural wood and stainless steel, ensuring firmness and safety for the elderly people in the family.

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