Date: 19/03/2019

Change a style of traditional kitchen room

Try using fiber glass kitchen cabinets with modern style in stead of traditional natural wooden cabinets to create new for your kitchen space.

Children’s room is colorful

A room with bright colors stimulate the imagination of your children. A room with light colors will be more interesting with baby’s toys and hangings.

White wall

Don’t put too much white if you don’t want it to look like a room in hospital. The most important thing is creating accurate accents, appropriate furniture to make your room light and attractive.

Tables and chairs must be in the same set

Make your kitchen to be more diverse with tables and chairs from different collections.

Large furniture

Small chairs and tables are suitable for a small room. Simple shapes and small sizes furniture are more popular than bigger ones.

Raw concrete

There are many ways to use concrete in your interior. Its advantage is water resistance and to be suitable in a modern design of bathroom.

Mesh curtains

You should consider that small rooms look much wider without curtains.

Buy the same chair

Many people often think of buying one set of furniture, for example, a sofa set or an armchair set. But do not adhere to this rigid rule. Look, is that a special point in your home by mixing of an armchair match with a sofa.

Buy exclusively furnitures for bedrooms

You do not need to buy furnitures which have sold for bedroom in particular. Replace similar wooden tables and chairs by iron items with a slightly different design.

Hanging a lot of things on the wall

This idea is very popular to make a small room be more empty. But if your room is quite big, don’t mess its wall by many hangings.

Tiles in the bathroom

There are many ways to decorate your bathroom, try to use fake stone tiles, wood…instead of ordinary small bricks.

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